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Plays for Youth Theatre

Calderdale Theatre School has several original plays available for performance by other youth theatres. All have been successful and are available with production notes.

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By Liz Lochhead

Performed 7:30pm 22nd March 2012 (Square Chapel), 7:30pm 23rd March 2012 (Square Chapel), 7:30pm 24th March 2012 (Square Chapel)

Direction: Robert Garrett

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"Next week we thought we'd be dead because the whole world would have blown itself to smithereens. The headlines screamed: WAR INEVITABLE. The grownups didn't talk about it in front of us kids, but we knew they knew it too. It was the end of the world. Tomorrow. The day after. Next week. This was the time of Cuba."

In the 60's comics made jokes about "living in the shadow of the bomb" as the world tried to make light of the cold war stalemate which was held in check by the nuclear deterrent. It pervaded the culture. The Cuban crisis threatened to break that stalemate and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were still fresh in people's minds, so no one was in any doubt what would happen in the event of all out war. Years afterwards, Robert McNamara, Kennedy's defence minister said in a documentary about the crisis, holding his thumb and forefinger not a half inch apart, that "the war came closer than even the most paranoid protest singer dare imagine".

I chose this play because of the excellent parts for the talented group of young girls that we have in this age group and because of the fascinating exploration of friendship, important to all of us but especially to young people of this age. Robert Garrett, director.

Performed as part of the National Theatre's Connections festival.

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